GSE Indian Team in Rovaniemi 26.4. - 2.5.2006

Monday, May 01, 2006

May Day

Read more on May Day.

The Indian GSE team visited on May Day Ranua Wildlife Park.

On Tuesday morning the 2nd May the team met professor Heli Ruokamo and professor Seppo Aho at the University of Lapland and continued its trip to Sodankylä.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

May Day Eve

It`s May Day Eve. What the weather we have, +12C. The birch has`nt yet any leaves. Though it`s time to give lumberjack his annual white cap. Lumberjack have to be cleaned first. What to do meanwhile?

Let`s have a picnic.

Governor Seppo want to show how to open a bottle of sparkling wine.

He did it.

Meanwhile the lumberjack has been cleaned and it`s time to give him the white cap.

We leave the Lumberjack Park, which is located on the crossing point of the Rivers Kemi and Ounas. The Lumberjack Bridge has been built over the River Ounas. It`s time for the Rotary Dinner. During the dinner all the six clubs change their banners.

During the dinner the Juuruspolvi Boys and Karthik sang some songs. The video presentation of the Indian GSE team wowed also the audience.

Brother Veli-Matti invited all to his home and have a little soiree.

We thank Veli-Matti`s family for the great evening at their beautiful home. Sun had set down and the coming May Day would be the day of the Ranua Zoo.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Arctic Circle

He is living at the Arctic Circle and will be found...Read more on him.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Company visits

The Indian GSE team visited on Friday the Newspaper Lapin Kansa. The newspaper reported on Saturday the 29th April on the visit of the group in Finland and Rovaniemi. Read more.

Kaleva uutisoi myös ryhmän vierailusta ryhmän päästessä paluumatkallaan Ouluun saakka. The Kaleva Newspaper interviewed members of the group in the City of Oulu.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Arctic Center

Science Center is closed due to the rebuilding of the big exhibition. The local, historical museum is interesting. The guiding there was friendly and informative.

The Northern Lights. TheArctic center

Teacher training school

Thanks for Principal Eija Valanne, teachers and pupils at the training school on the great music performances and inspiring presentations on the finnish school system.

Rotary meeting in the Club of the Arcticle Circle

Rotary lunch meeting in the club of the Arctic Circle. President Jukka Valanne/Club of the Arctic Circle and A.S. Ramasamy/Club of Pearlcity, Tuticorin and Karthik Narayanan change banners. The multimedia show of the Indian team was very well designed, informative including elements of text and video and audio as well. The presentation was even fun. Hopefully the finnish rotarians in Rovaniemi will have a new opportunity to see this presentation.

The Lapland Chamber of Commerce

CEO Timo Rautajoki, the Lapland Chamber of Commerce, presented economical and political prospects on the Barents region, which includes Russia, Finland and other Nordic countries.

The City Library

City library`s director Heli Saarinen guided the team through the different departments in the library. The Lappish language (saame) with its special characters is an interesting language. In the music hall P. Selvaganesh used the library catalogue and found Indian music by Asha Bhosle. Music librarian Marko Niemelä is waiting for if Selva needs some help. Team leader A. S. Ramasamy and D. Senthil Kannan support Selva in search of music. Karthik Narayanan is sitting. Smitha Thomas is talking with librarian Jouni Mäkinen.